There are currently 2 vacancies on Haconby & Stainfield Parish Council (‘the Council’).  The Council has been given permission to fill the positions by co-option.  It hopes to do so at the meeting of the Council to be held in September 2022.
Applications to fill the vacancy are invited.
The Council seeks volunteers who are willing to give their time for free to attend Parish Council meetings and to work on behalf of their community.  Eligibility and disqualifications for Parish Councillors are below.   
Council meetings are held every two months, usually at 7.15 pm on the second Wednesday, in the restaurant of the ‘Hare and Hounds’ public house in Haconby.  The Council’s aims are to represent the local community and to improve community wellbeing.
Any person is eligible for co-option who is:
• A British or Commonwealth citizen; or a citizen of the Republic of Ireland; or a citizen of a state of the European Union.
• At least 18 years old.
• An elector of the parish or in the past 12 months have occupied land or other premises in the parish (as owner or tenant) or work in the parish (as the principal or only place of work) or live within three miles of the parish boundary.
Disqualifications for co-option (see 5.80 of the Local Government Act 1972) include:
• Holding a paid office of the Parish Council
• Bankruptcy
• Having been sentenced to a term of imprisonment (whether suspended or not) of not less than three months, without the option of a fine during the five years preceding the election
• Being disqualified under any enactment relating to corrupt or illegal practices.
Applications to fill this vacancy should be sent by e-mail or post to the Clerk to the Council.  A brief note with reasons for wanting to be a Parish Councillor and a summary of relevant experience and / or qualifications would be helpful.
Mrs Wendy Gray – Parish Clerk
wendy7wansford@gmail.com / 13 Dovecote Estate, Rippingale, Lincolnshire PE10 0SY